Mangaluru, India to become a waste-free city

Apartments in Mangaluru City has set up its own waste management system by composting wet waste

Making compost from vegetable leftovers in the kitchen. DaisyDaisy/Shutterstock

According to a report from, Mangaluru City Corporation (MCCC) has been promoting apartments to set up their own waste management systems to help build Mangaluru into a waste-free city. Responses have been well-received, with buildings progressively adopting this new practice, and new regulations will be implemented to help drive the campaign.

Following Maurishka Palace with 330 apartments, plenty of other residential properties also started their own waste management units by composting wet waste on-premise.

Madhu Manohar, MCC’s environment engineer, mentioned to Times of India that this campaign has evoked positive responses from the public, stimulating apartments and homes to compost wet and dry waste.

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He stated further, “at present, there are 84 apartments that are processing wet waste and producing manure in their own premises. They are not handing over waste to the city corporation’s waste collection vehicles. Totally more than 8,000 houses in the city have been making compost using the wet waste and thereby supporting the city corporation’s initiatives.”

On the 2nd of October, the city corporation initiated a new waste segregation plan, in which waste collection trucks stopped accepting wet waste house-to-house. Moreover, the city corporation aims to create discipline among buildings by penalising such properties if they do not adhere to the rules.

Manohar added, “close to 200 kgs of waste will be converted into high-quality organic manure through the project.”