Foreign investors pick up on opportunities in Malaysia

As the nation pushes itself to get stronger, other countries and businesses recognises its efforts

Malaysia has potential to be an attractive investment location within Southeast Asia. r.nagy/Shutterstock

Multiple foreign investors have been showing their interest in Malaysia. Asian media company Nikkei Asia reported Amazon Web Services (AWS) as one of these investors. The cloud services provider was invited to invest in multiple ASEAN countries, but they chose to invest their MYR26.4 billion (USD6.0 billion) in Malaysia. 

Other investors and digital businesses have been involving themselves with the country as well, such as Alibaba Cloud and Fitch Solutions, who have been emphasising the nation’s potential to be a key digital infrastructure hub and its overall attractiveness respectfully. The state of the country alongside the opinions of its investors prove that Malaysia has potential to be an attractive investment location within Southeast Asia, especially with its ease of doing business, competitiveness, and digitalisation. 

To maintain its advantage in investors, the country’s International Trade and Industry Ministry would be focusing on streamlining their strategies to keep their investors with the country rather than have them invest somewhere else, as discussed by news portal The Vibes. The ministry would also be developing ways to attract more foreign investments.

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The country did well in 2022 with 61.7 percent of investors being foreign, amounting to MYR163.3 billion. The sum from the investments proved to be able to generate 140,370 jobs. This could all further increase over the next few years with proper investments being made towards the country, especially with Malaysia being in a strategic and wide-reaching location within Southeast Asia.

Outside of businesses, overall countries are also looking into investing in Malaysia. According to the New Straits Times, Prime Minister Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim is keen on letting the Arab world know how Malaysia is an ideal place to invest in. He talks about their stable government and business-friendly environment, assisting in putting Malaysia in a good position within the eyes of investors.

He, like all of Malaysia’s investors, recognized that Malaysia was very focused on its reforms and building back its strength and governance as a country, therefore he went out of his way to promote Malaysia to his people.

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