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SMDC’s Lush Residences is ready-for-occupancy and is just off Ayala Avenue in Makati City. An enclave decked with relaxing greenery and lifestyle amenities, the single-tower, high-rise development is a lush haven for the upwardly-mobile

With the Philippine economy back on track, it’s time to invest in property

Opportunities in real estate are presenting themselves to investors and homebuyers like never before — as optimistic business sentiment and improving consumption drive forward Philippine economic recovery.

Inflation is up, and savvy investors are turning to real estate investments to protect and grow their money. A recent survey of a multi-national bank showed that investors favor property as the number one asset for buying and holding during an inflationary period, outranking developed-market equities as an option.

“Traditionally, the best hedge against inflation is real estate,” said Jose Mari Banzon, President of award-winning Filipino developer, SM Development Corporation (SMDC). SMDC properties yield impressive capital gains and price appreciation for buyers – who include entrepreneurs, professionals, and overseas Filipinos. The appeal of SMDC properties are their luxurious and sophisticated character, enticing locations near business or commercial hubs, and integration into mall districts.

SMDC residential properties are located near malls and master-planned to connect with their ecosystem, allowing for an “integrated mall lifestyle”. Many of the properties are built near an SM mall (which provide residents easy access to shopping, dining, and entertainment options) or a retail strip which include a Savemore, Hypermarket, or Alfamart. Then, there is the property’s nearness to central business districts, major thoroughfares, and transportation hubs, which attain a “15-minute city” lifestyle.

Built to last

For those buying property as investment, any SMDC property is “future-proof” and will continue to be relevant, desirable, and preferred.  The good quality of the property, suite of in-house wellness-related amenities, features, and suitability for remote and hybrid work set-up make them viable for leasing out, keeping for future occupancy, or re-sale for auspicious returns.

“SMDC has always been responsive to the needs of its clients,” said Banzon. “We keep our ears close to the ground, find out what the buyers are looking for and develop our products accordingly.” A strong proponent of sustainable development, SMDC has been building communities centered on considerations of the home-buyer.

SMDC is known for high-rise development, but it has mid-rise residential garden communities too, located in progressive high-growth urban centers. These projects are comfortable, safe, and secure enclaves, replete with conveniences and wellness-related amenities and abundant open spaces and greenery.

Located in the bustling, cosmopolitan MOA Complex, the pre-selling Ice Tower RESO presents live-work-play spaces, where you live in luxury and work in style

SMDC also has residential-office developments (RESO), positioned for professionals and entrepreneurs who want to be able to shift seamlessly between work and home life. Designed for the upwardly-mobile, RESOs integrate the luxuries and comforts of a premium residential condominium, and facilities and services of a professional work space.

SMDC, in all of its categories of developments, master-plans and builds projects for the long-term. It is a responsible developer that builds for minimum environmental impact, applying sustainable construction, waste reduction practices, and efficient energy and water use.

Receive maximum returns on your property investment

A waterfront location facing Manila Bay, Coast Residences has luxurious amenities. This master-planned development near Roxas Boulevard allows residents picturesque views and access to the entertainment and cultural highlights of the City of Manila

Family-friendly and resort-like with their lifestyle amenities, SMDC developments command exceptional value as assets, whether for living in or renting out. “We have [had] developments turned over in the last 10 years that if you go there, it’s still looks brand-new because it’s well-managed,” said Banzon.

Now that international travel has returned to normalcy and foreign currencies have regained strength, overseas Filipinos have increased purchasing power to buy homes in the Motherland. Expatriates are returning to offices, driving residential leasing in nearby sites. In effect, investors are searching for properties that promise good returns, whether through rental yields or capital appreciation.

SMDC developments are auspicious investments because they’re in prime, hyper-connected  locations, due to their proximity to government infrastructure projects that will be completed in a few years, such as the Makati Intra-city Subway, Metro Manila Subway, and the Philippine National Railways (PNR) North-South Commuter Railway. SMDC residences in the MOA Complex will soon be connected to the LRT-1 and MRT-3 lines via an integrated monorail system, which will begin construction in the near future.

Building Homes for the Good Guys, SMDC is resolute in high-value support for homebuyers and investors. Greenmist Property Management Corporation (GPMC) provides for the upkeep of their property investment, and SMDC Good Stays provides end-to-end leasing and tenancy services for those who want to lease out their units.

“With future-proof, holistic, and sustainable developments that provide the best possible living experiences now and in years to come, SMDC commits to give real estate buyers the best value for their hard-earned money,” said Banzon.

For more information, please visit the official SMDC site