Laos government works with localities to resume tourism under new normal time

The Laos-China Railways scheduled to open in December will further boost tourism in 2022 

Continued easing of lockdown measures has resumed interprovincial travel. Guitarphotographer/Shutterstock

According to Laotian Times, the tourism ministry has been directed by the Laos government to work with localities across the country in preparing the reopening of tourism under “new normal” conditions.  

During the government’s July monthly meeting, Prime Minister Phankham Viphavanh instructed relevant sectors to prepare for the opening of the Laos-China Railway in December.  

Meanwhile, the Prime Minister ordered the transport and tourism ministries to work together to “reopen tourism under the new normal as appropriate in each locality and in accordance with the conditions of the Covid-19 pandemic.” 

This brings hope to those in the industry, as the second wave of COVID-19 had spread across the nation during the Laos New Year holiday in April and halted activities.  

With every province under lockdown by May, bus stations were closed, and airlines grounded, leaving the tour operators grim, just as the Lao Thiao Lao domestic tourism campaign had kicked off.  

The marketing campaign gathered the public and private sectors to work together in boosting domestic tourism amid the pandemic. It focused largely online, promoting great special offers to inspire young Laotians to visit some of the amazing destinations around the country.  

Nevertheless, the government’s successful vaccination rollout has enabled 14 percent of the population to be vaccinated, with a plan to reach 50 percent by year’s end.  

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Continued easing of lockdown measures has resumed interprovincial travel, with airlines and bus companies adhering to strict guidelines for passengers.  

With the Laos-China Railway scheduled to open in December, conditions could be ripe for the careful and responsible reopening of tourism in 2022. 

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