How Mitsubishi invests in human and artificial intelligence to improve the elevator experience

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In the timeless struggle between man and machine, Mitsubishi Elevator doesn’t take sides—it takes advantage of industry-leading tech innovations and skilled knowledge

From artificial intelligence to powerful smartphones, this is proving to be an era of rapidly advancing technology.

The same goes for elevators, escalators, and other forms of vertical transportation. Faster and better than ever, vertical transportation systems are ready to take their passengers to the future.

Yet Mitsubishi Elevator reminds us that the human element in the upkeep of elevators and escalators is still essential. While being one of the most active, game-changing innovators in bleeding-edge technology, Mitsubishi Elevator continues to invest in human capital to deliver superior elevator and escalator solutions throughout Thailand.

Choosing and installing a quality elevator or escalator for a property is only half the job—proper maintenance is key to safe, comfortable vertical transportation. This is where excellent service comes in, and humans are part and parcel of this equation.

Mitsubishi Elevator’s commitment to excellence is evident through its rigorous training programs. The technicians and service engineers of Mitsubishi Elevator are trained to the fullest, assuring developers, building owners, landlords, and other customers that they are in the capable hands of professionals.

Before being deployed to the actual job site, all new technicians must train not only in theory but also in practice for one year to develop their skills. The year-long training course includes hands-on experience in elevator maintenance, troubleshooting, and customer communication. The training combines classroom learning with onsite exposure under the guidance of senior mechanics.

Mitsubishi Elevator (Thailand) has a wealth of experience in the creation and innovation of safe, high-quality elevators and escalators, among other vertical transportation systems

“Having a human element is still important because our services still need a skilled person,” says Kaori Takahashi, Managing Director of Mitsubishi Elevator (Thailand) Co., Ltd. “As far as maintenance is concerned, we still need to have a well-trained mechanic.”

Mitsubishi Elevator’s training doesn’t stop with fully fledged professionals. The company encourages its employees to grow and develop their skills by participating in the in-house competition known as the Skills Olympics.

Organised in the company’s home base of Japan, the Skills Olympics allow mechanics to showcase their expertise and encourages healthy competition. The Skills Olympics focus on enhancing maintenance skills, troubleshooting abilities, safety awareness, and customer engagement. Such initiative reflects Mitsubishi Elevator’s commitment to constantly improving the quality, productivity, and professionalism of its mechanics.

“All our mechanics are our employees, unlike other companies that use sub-contractors and others,” says Takahashi. “This is one of our many ways to gain trust from our customers.”

Mitsubishi Elevator understands the significance of proximity and accessibility for effective after-sales service. With 28 service centres strategically located throughout Thailand, including 12 in Bangkok, the company ensures prompt support for customers.

Additionally, the company’s 24-hour emergency call centre enables customers to reach out for assistance anytime, further enhancing the service experience. If any inconvenience happens onsite, the call centre dispatches the nearest service centre to the scene and sends mechanics to investigate the case. The company frequently updates its customer records database, making sure that important information can be securely accessed when needed by the service and call centres.

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Customer satisfaction is paramount for Mitsubishi Elevator. The company conducts regular evaluations and surveys to gather feedback on various aspects of service. Any areas for improvement are addressed promptly, and mechanisms are in place to closely monitor customer concerns. Mitsubishi Elevator even takes a proactive approach, visiting customers personally to understand their needs better and ensure their satisfaction.

Outstanding customer service ultimately requires Mitsubishi Elevator to embrace technology, and this it has done like no other company. Complementing its crew of well-trained, professional mechanics, Mitsubishi Elevator runs i-Service (Intelligent Service), an innovative development that includes a suite of predictive maintenance solutions called M’s BRIDGE™.

M’s BRIDGE™ monitors an elevator 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, identifying a malfunction or problem before it happens. In contrast, a typical mechanic can only perform maintenance checks on an elevator for just an hour a month or a grand total of 12 hours a year. Rather than replace humans completely, M’s BRIDGE™ works with technicians and empowers them to address issues promptly.

Integrated with a central processing system in Japan, M’s BRIDGE™ is equipped with advanced AI systems that process data and accurately predict the likelihood of sub-device failures. When an issue is detected, M’s BRIDGE™ notifies technicians and allows them to schedule appointments with users in advance for necessary adjustments and repairs.

M’s BRIDGE™ sends commands to remotely check elevator operations, providing a comprehensive assessment like an onsite technician visit. This reduces the need to interrupt elevator service for inspection and maintenance requests and lessens the frequency of elevator stops. The constant monitoring ensures continuous usage for building occupants and enhances their safety.

“The number one challenge besetting elevators in Thailand is unpredictable elevator failure,” says Kaori Takahashi, managing director of Mitsubishi Elevator (Thailand) Co., Ltd. “It has been our concern for a long time because we don’t want the passengers to face this situation.”

Customers always get prompt, reliable support from Mitsubishi Elevator’s expert service centres throughout Thailand

Moreover, the company equips its mechanics with tablets so they can access information in real time, receive alerts, and capture essential data. The use of tablets among the company’s mechanics has translated to greater efficiency: reducing processes, improving schedule management, eliminating paper usage, and expediting the submission of maintenance reports. In fact, Mitsubishi Elevator is one of the first elevator service companies in Thailand to have equipped its mechanics with tablets.

Mitsubishi Elevator’s willingness to adapt to the times has empowered it to weather challenges and mitigate uncertainty. In response to the changing landscape during the Covid-19 pandemic, Mitsubishi Electric successfully developed touchless solutions and other innovative features to enhance elevator experiences.

This is reflective of the Mitsubishi Electric Group’s attitude towards change. In its commitment to “Changes for the Better,” the Group strives to achieve continuous improvement, growth, and innovation in their elevator and escalator solutions.

“In terms of elevator maintenance, I feel like we are not fighting with other competitors,” says Takahashi. “We are competing with ourselves to become better and to continue to be The BRAND of CHOICE for all stakeholders.”

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