Forecasting Q2 of Thai real estate

The kingdom is met with a mix of slowdowns and opportunities  

Thailand has no problem attracting international investors. PIXA/Shutterstock

Thailand’s property market saw both decreases and increases under different aspects. According to data provided by DDProperty, the residential property of Bangkok was met with a seven percent decrease QoQ and a nine percent decrease YoY on its price index. In terms of property supply, Condominiums had the highest figure at 80 percent despite its two percent decrease. Single-detached houses made up 12 percent, and townhouses made up nine percent, both with two percent increases.

However, absorption of property supply remained low due to the  economic slowdown on both international and domestic fronts. Rising inflation and interest rates combined with low purchasing power and buyer hesitation also contributed to the low absorption. Residential property prices in Bangkok are expected to increase by the second quarter of 2023, with a 47 percent Demand Index increase. Despite the pace of the market, the recovery of Thailand’s tourism would assist in driving it forward.

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As reported by market research consultant MordorIntelligence, the real estate market is expected to register a Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of  more than five percent because of inflation and economic slowdown. Yet, the market is expected to recover with the support of government policies and other factors such as international investors.

The amount of possibilities for businesses and real estate investment options assures Thailand has no problem attracting international investors. Their attention towards the kingdom’s market would lead to a rise in cost in central Bangkok and other more populated areas, especially for rental homes due to the presence of tourists and foreign businesses. Islands such as Koh Samui or Phuket will face the same rise in costs due to the high demand of real estate by locals, foreign visitors, and expatriates who would prefer living away from the mainland or not being surrounded by busy city life.

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