Exclusive insights on AMAN Resorts at C9 Hotelworks’ virtual masterclass

Speakers at the C9 Hotelworks virtual masterclass reveal strategies on hotel branded residences

Sea view of Andaman Sea. Eak021/Shutterstock

Shan Tjio, the chief development officer at AMAN Resorts, reveals insights into the development’s ultra-luxury residences strategy and the company’s plan for the future, at the virtual masterclass on Hotel Branded Residences hosted by C9 Hotelworks and Delivery Asia Communications.

In a discussion with Bill Barnett, managing director at C9 Hotelworks and 2020 judge for the PropertyGuru Asia Property Awards (Greater Niseko), Shan Tjio revealed that residency components are important to AMAN resorts as it adds a much better potential return on investment for the developer, but it is also something that AMAN clients request.

Tjio mentioned that ‘AMAN junkies’, how AMAN Resorts’ loyal members refer to themselves as, want to have a home in AMAN.

This helps build a permanent community of like-minded people who are sure to return, which represents the true essence of AMAN, which is “coming home, not visiting a hotel,” as said by Tjio.

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In the early days of AMAN Resorts, their developments were known to be intimate and private, which poses questions of how the company keeps its resorts feasible.

“We all know, how do you keep something so small commercially viable. We need to keep them sustainable, and we also can’t go to the other extreme where we are 200 rooms. The dilemma is we have to keep them as small, private sanctuaries, but we can’t be too dense, too packed,” Tjio commented.

Tjio adds the importance of striking the perfect balance and how AMAN Tokyo is the perfect example of this success. The establishment has 84 rooms, which is ideal for an urban location, while also providing customers the AMAN experience of relaxation and personalisation in a city.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, health and wellness have been of great importance to all industries. Shan Tjio addresses that health and wellness is a crucial element to AMAN’s DNA, indicating the importance of choosing locations where the body and mind can relax and rejuvenate for clients.