6,000 proptech businesses join platform for real estate professionals

Unissu aims to be single-source directory of companies, influencers and thought leaders working on the application of technology on real estate

Now real estate players can find an exhaustively curated directory of property technology businesses in one site. Yimji WK/Shutterstock

UK-based global influencers James Dearsley and Eddie Holmes launched earlier this month Unissu, a searchable directory of property tech businesses.

In what is being billed the largest platform of its kind, Unissu has classified over 6,000 proptech businesses from around the world, making it a one-stop, single source for data, information and research related to proptech.

“We’re delighted to finally provide the property industry with a space they can visit to not only search and discover proptech data, information and resources, but where they can come to contribute and share their own knowledge and insights,” said Holmes, CEO for Unissu.

As such, the platform, now live at Unissu.com, aims to help property professionals navigate the ongoing digital transformation of the industry, broadly defined as technology used in the real estate market.

Dearsley and Holmes founded Unissu in mid-2018 and consequently spent 6 months cataloguing and analysing proptech products from around the world to build the platform. “Throughout this journey, we have focused on making it easy for property professionals to search, understand and select the products that are most appropriate for them and their businesses,” said Holmes.

Among other highlights, Unissu.com contains a community forum for live discussions and debates on all things proptech; articles, videos and podcasts from 40 of the world’s’ top proptech influencers; a proptech jobs board; and a directory of global property and proptech events.

Premium users gain access to Unissu.com’s analytics features, designed to help property firms make informed decisions in the world of proptech. Subscribers are also updated on all proptech funding events, thanks to Unissu’s partnership with Crunchbase.

In Asia, knowledge of and access to accurate information in proptech has become a key pillar in making more real estate companies competitive during the fourth industrial revolution, said Leo Lo, Unissu partner in China/East Asia, in a statement.

“The appetite for information and better understanding about PropTech and its growing influence on real estate and construction is ever increasing,” said Lo.

“We expect this boom to continue and we are already using data and insight derived from Unissu to help us make better business decisions.”

Unissu.com was a partner of the two-day 2018 PropertyGuru Asia Real Estate Summit attended by more than 30 global experts on proptech, fintech, smart cities and digital innovation. For more information on the summit, visit the official site or email us directly via [email protected].