The Ark – Voyage to the stars

Jointly developed by Tribeca Developers & Acropolis Developer, The Ark is an energy-efficient high-rise apartment, standing 200 feet in height. Located in Pune, the development’s most notable feature is a vast 2.75-acre rooftop terrace spanning five towers, positioning itself to be recognised as the world’s largest rooftop terrace. 

Residents of all ages will have a wide variety of amenities to choose from: a half-Olympic size infinity pool, a sprawling 10,000 sq. ft. kids play area, indoor and outdoor gyms, cabanas, a jogging track, Zen Garden, a sky bar, a multi-cuisine restaurant, and more. 

The development’s three- and four-bedroom residences were meticulously designed to optimise natural ventilation and daylight, boasting expansive private decks and floor-to-ceiling French windows. 

With this project, the developers embraced a distinctive construction strategy, steering clear of sand, cement, bricks, and water — an innovative approach aimed at minimising material consumption and waste. This commitment to sustainability extends to the interior design, featuring high-quality dry walls sourced from Rondo, Australia, effectively reducing reliance on traditional construction materials and mitigating environmental impact. 

In addition to imparting a distinctive aesthetic to the interiors, dry walls provide unparalleled benefits such as superior wall finishing, soundproofing, weatherproofing, and energy efficiency. These attributes are especially valuable in a city like Pune known to have significant temperature variations. Dry walls contribute to maintaining a consistently comfortable indoor environment while simultaneously reducing reliance on HVAC systems. 

Dry walls also guarantee homes are free from cracks and leaks. And because of its highly customisable nature, dry walls provide a flexible and effortless option for tailoring residents’ living space 

The development’s façade will be a blend of glass and zinc, serving a dual purpose: creating a timeless, radiant aesthetic and ensuring weather resistance. 

Another standout feature of the project lies in the absence of ducts and shafts, commonly found in conventional buildings. Instead, each of the five towers features a dedicated service area, streamlining the routing of all utilities. This external access ensures maintenance procedures are both convenient and unobtrusive, prioritising the residentspeace and comfort.

The development was named Winner, Best Integrated Development at the PropertyGuru Asia Property Awards India 2023. 

Developer: Tribeca Developers & Acropolis Developer
Product type: Condo/High Rise/Apartment 
Architect: Morphogenesis 
Facilities: Rooftop terrace, half-Olympic size infinity pool, kids play area, indoor and outdoor gyms, Zen garden, sky bar, multi-cuisine restaurant, cabanas, jogging track 

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