New Metropolis

New Metropolis, situated in Hanxi Cun, Zhong Cun Street, Pan Yu, Guangzhou, is a cutting-edge mixed-use development by New World China and P&T Group. Spanning 474,069 square metres, it hosts 1,300 units ranging from 77 to 133 square metres, providing residents with a diverse array of living options, aiming to redefine urban living with its seamless blend of residential luxury and commercial sophistication.

The project’s centrepiece is a striking 36-storey office tower featuring a unique zigzag design and sky gardens offering breathtaking panoramic views. Below, an 80,000-square-metre shopping mall complements the tower with landscaped spaces and natural light, fostering a vibrant retail environment.

Designed for connectivity, the development seamlessly integrates with the subway, ensuring easy access for commuters. Placed adjacent to an urban green park, the residential towers create a harmonious balance between nature and modern living.

Architecturally, New Metropolis prioritises human-scale design, with a podium façade broken down into smaller masses, creating an inviting streetscape. One may expect large skylights and a multi-level atrium bathing the mall in natural light, further enhancing the shopping experience.

Overall, New Metropolis offers an excellent sustainable urban living experience with its modern infrastructure, expansive green spaces, and a cohesive community environment. It’s a testament to New World China’s commitment to creating thriving, liveable spaces gracing the urban landscape in Guangzhou.

The developer was named winner, Best Developer (Mainland China) and Highly Commended, Best Mixed-use Development (Mainland China)  at the 10th PropertyGuru Asia Property Awards (Mainland China).

Developer: New World China

Product type: Mixed-use/condominium

Architect: P&T Group


This project profile originally appeared in PropertyGuru Property Report Magazine Issue No. 184 on issuu and Magzter. For more information, email [email protected].