Ir. Dr. Zulhkiple A Bakar

On graduating with an Honors Degree in Civil Engineering from the Liverpool  

Polytechnic UK in 1984, he came back to join JKR as a Design Engineer before setting  

up his own Civil, Structuraland GeotechnicalEngineering Consulting Company in 1992. 

Now Ir. Dr Zulhkiple has almost 39 years of professional experience in Building  

Structural and Foundation Engineering Design, with a proven track record in a very niche  

field of ‘Value Engineering’ design providing economical alternative design solutions to  

clientsthroughout the country. 


Examples of notable world ranking engineers that have helped Ir. Dr Zulhkiple developed  

Value Engineering Design over the last 29 years are Prof. Dr Rolf Katzenbach from 

Germany, Prof. Dr Harry Poulos from Australia and the late Prof. Dr Jerry Shaw from UK.  

Ir Dr Zulhkiple also worked in collaboration with consulting Engineers and academic  

institutions from the UK, US, Italy, Australia and Germany to develop more cost effective foundation and structural engineering designs.