Dickson Sezto

He has over 20 years’ working experience in the field of commercial real estate. He obtained a Bachelor of Art degree from Monash University, Australia and a Master’s degree in International Real Estate Programme from Hong Kong Polytechnic University. He witnessed the business development in the mainland. He once participated in the urban revitalization and transformation project of the Xintiandi in Shanghai; brought out a new definition to Super Brand Mall when serving as the president of Zhengda Group; gave impetus to the establishment of cooperation institution with the “Blackstone Group” under the Blackstone Fund in order to invest in the mainland commercial stock properties. As an advocate of innovative ideas, he has been invited to participate in the urban planning, actively giving suggestions to government and carrying a strong sense of social responsibility. After the end of the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, positive information concerning urban revitalization starts to flow out. He has also included urban revitalization as the only mission of URF Group to liquidize remnant resources and actively create a sustainable new business model in the future.