Arunee Thiemhong

Mrs. Arunee Thiemhong is President of Real Estate and Marketing Association, with the objective to promote the enterprises about the sales and marketing of real estate. She is also a consultant for White Glass Co., Ltd., B.M. Land & House and Hoang Anh Gia Lai Group. Her expertise lies in a range of areas, including her past experiences as a columnist for Real Estate Magazinea moderator for Real Estate Channel (TNN 71)a commentator for RE-CU (The Real Estate Executive association of Chulalongkorn University),and managing director at Wattachak Newspaper. Her exceptional knowledge of the real estate industry has been established through lectures and training courses conducted at many accredited institutions, such as National Association of Realtors in San Francisco and Las VegasChulalongkorn UniversityThammasart UniversityDhurakit Bandit University and Arena National Convention