IDC’s Miramonti gets EDGE nod

Italpinas Development Corporation (IDC) recently received the EDGE preliminary certification for Miramonti Green Residences Phase 1 from the Philippine Green Building Initiative, Inc. (PGBI).

According to EDGE, Miramonti Phase 1’s resource-efficient design will result in the reduction of 39% in energy, 52% in water, and 41% in embodied energy in materials, compared to a local base case.

Angelo Tan, the International Finance Corporation’s Climate Business Country Lead for the Philippines and Asia Real Estate Summit speaker, said “Italpinas is one of the pioneers of EDGE certification in the Philippines, playing an instrumental role in the growth of EDGE-certified buildings that we are now seeing across the country.

All of IDC’s projects have so far received awards for Best Mixed-Use building in the Philippines by Southeast Asia Property Awards, now PropertyGuru Asia Property Awards, for several years. This is relevant not only for the prestige or recognition but because sustainability in green buildings has become greatly relevant for a lot of people in this pandemic.

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